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Do you dream of owning a home, starting a business, and securing your future? You deserve a Southern California real estate and bankruptcy attorney who will fight to help you ACHIEVE and PROTECT your dream.

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Real Estate Law

Many people come to America with the dream of owning a home and starting a business. If you are one of these brave and ambitious people, you deserve a real estate law firm that fights for your ownership rights. Let us help you navigate the unique everyday challenges you face. At The Law Offices of Raffy Boulgourjian we understand your goals and can help you achieve them.


If you want a better future, your first step could be starting with a clean slate. You may not have considered bankruptcy as a solution to your financial problems, but it might be the best way to secure your future. Attorney Boulgourjian is an experienced bankruptcy attorney who has proudly served his clients with customized bankruptcy advice for more than 20 years.

About the Firm

Like many of our clients, Raffy Boulgourjian is a first-generation American, whose goals included buying a home and starting a business. In 1998 he opened his law practice in Southern California with a simple mission — helping others to protect everything they had worked so hard to build.

Since then, the firm has grown to include a team of eight attorneys and paralegals, who understand the unique challenges of property ownership.

We know times are tough right now. You may even fear losing your property.

If your mortgage lender is pressuring you, we are experienced foreclosure defense attorneys and can explain your options to help you avoid the expense, liability, and trauma of a foreclosure.

If you are overwhelmed by debt, and your property is encumbered with judgments, tax liens, or contractor liens, bankruptcy might be a viable financial solution. Raffy Boulgourjian is an experienced bankruptcy attorney who provides customized bankruptcy advice to his property owner clients.

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