Whether you are buying a home, entering into a commercial lease, or examining property records, understanding all of the associated legal documents can be confusing and intimidating. California property laws are complicated, and having a real estate attorney to provide guidance during the process is not only reassuring, but is also crucial to protecting your interests. However, if you have never hired a lawyer for this purpose, you may not know what to expect and have concerns about the costs. The truth is, not all real estate matters are created equal, and depending on your situation, you may be able to get the help you need for a flat rate or single instead of paying by the hour for legal services.

Having an Attorney for Your California Real Estate Case

Being involved in a California real estate case can involve something as routine as buying a home and needing an attorney to review the purchase contract and other documents. Another common situation for buyers is when something prevents a residential sale from moving forward, and the buyer’s funds are caught in escrow. In commercial real estate, tenants and landlords may need assistance with contract terms or resolving disputes. Neighbors could require an attorney because they are at odds over an access easement issue. There could also be something more complex such as a partition action or dividing ownership interest in a property following an inheritance. Depending on the facts, your California real estate law case may or may not be eligible for a flat fee.

Meet with an Experienced California Real Estate Attorney

The best way to determine if your case can be managed under a flat fee arrangement is to meet with an experienced California real estate attorney. You and the lawyer can discuss your situation and determine the most appropriate fee arrangement for your circumstances. Attorney Raffy Boulgourjian takes the time to consult with individuals about their real estate issues and gives insight and advice to help them determine their next steps. Mr. Boulgourjian offers free consultations and provides many real estate law services on a flat-rate basis. He can provide you with a thorough analysis and accurate evaluation of your case and explain the required legal services.

Contact the Law Office of Raffy Boulgourjian

Attorney Raffy Boulgourjian is a California real estate attorney with over twenty years of experience representing clients in residential and commercial real estate cases. He has the knowledge and expertise to protect your real estate interests. Contact Mr. Boulgourjian today to schedule a free legal consultation to discuss your California real estate legal needs.

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