The Ten Qualities You Need in Your California Real Estate Attorney

Choosing an attorney to handle a legal matter on your behalf is an important decision. Like doctors, attorneys can practice in a variety of specializations. If you need help with a California real estate issue, you want a lawyer with the right set of qualifications and skills to provide you with the advice and services that you require for your case. Here are the ten qualities you need in your California real estate attorney:

    1. Experience

An attorney can be licensed by the California bar, have years of experience practicing law, and still not be qualified to manage your case. Property law is a specific practice area with its own unique statutes, codes, and rules. You want to work with someone who has been handling California real estate cases within the state and local courts and governing jurisdictions.

    1. Professionalism

When you hire a lawyer, this individual will be your voice during the case or real estate transaction. You want your representative to conduct themselves professionally by being organized and on time to hearings and meetings and by managing issues respectfully. Any documents sent on your behalf should be well-written and properly prepared. Further, all correspondence sent should reflect an appropriate communication style.

    1. Knowledgeable

Your California real estate attorney should not only have experience managing real estate cases, but they should also know California property law. This area is frequently changing. Your counsel should be aware of the latest developments in state, procedural and applicable municipal laws.

    1. Listening Skills

Attorneys can provide excellent advice and information. However, it’s equally important that your California real estate attorney can listen to you and your concerns. When you first meet, your lawyer should let you talk and ask occasional questions as you explain the issues. As the case develops, you should always feel that your attorney can stop and hear what matters to you.

    1. Reputable

You want to work with a real estate attorney who has a good reputation in the community with clients and colleagues. When others highly regard a real estate attorney, it’s generally with good reason. Sometimes, the highest compliment that can be given is a referral or recommendation from a former client or another attorney. If a friend or loved one has worked with an attorney and makes a personal referral, that is generally a positive start. A professional review from a trustworthy source may also help you locate a reputable real estate attorney.

    1. Good Communication Skills

Finding an experienced attorney who listens well, understands California’s real estate law, and who appears to be knowledgeable and professional is an excellent beginning. However, all of these qualities can be diminished if the attorney lacks communication skills. You need to be able to talk to and understand one another. If your attorney is talking at you rather than to you, he or she may not be an effective communicator. It’s crucial that you and your counsel can connect and share thoughts and ideas about your case.

    1. Commitment to Real Estate Law

Some California attorneys practice several areas of the law without focusing on a particular specialization. This type of practitioner may take a couple of simple real estate cases occasionally, but he or she is not likely to have a complete grasp of the practice area. When you hire someone with a proven commitment to California’s real estate law, the attorney will know how the statutes and procedural rules intersect, which municipal laws to consider, how the courts have been managing specific real estate issues, and other vital practice-related developments.

    1. An Understanding of Local Practices

Depending on the issue, hiring a real estate attorney who has practiced in a local jurisdiction can be highly beneficial. If your case needs to go before a court, local counsel will know more about the judges, their preferences, the municipal processes, and the other attorneys involved. Even for matters outside of court, an attorney with an understanding of local practices can provide valuable insight and advice about the community’s issues.

    1. Responsive

Once you hire an attorney, it can be a relief knowing that a trusted professional has taken the matter over. However, your communications should not stop the day you retain counsel. Your attorney should be responsive to your inquires and keep you reasonably informed about your case status.

    1. Accessible

When you call your attorney or want to make an appointment, it should not feel like you can’t ever gain access to them. Your attorney’s office staff should be able to set up an appointment for you within a reasonable amount to time to talk to or meet with your real estate attorney.

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